Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I think this Holiday is one of the kids favorites. It must be all of the candy and love letters that the boys get from the cootie covered girls in their classes, who knows. Can you say sugar high. Brenner and Cayden are holding their Valentines boxes that they made at school. Mia lached on to a Singing Hallmark Dog that Grams sent in her Valentines package to the kids.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mia's addictions

Mia has two addictions at an early age. Her first one shows up quite clearly in the video, her beloved blankie. This was the cutest video, until somehow the first part of it got deleted. It is still cute. In the first part that got erased, Mia had realized I had taken her blankie from her while she was asleep and washed it. I found her crying at the dryer wanting her blankie out. This part you saw was just after I took the blankie out for her. Silly Mia.

Mia's second vise is her passey. All my kids have been passey babies. I think that is better than thumb suckers. You can take away a passey but you can't take away the thumb.

Just hanging out!

Mia never wants to be left out. Everything the boys do Mia thinks she is entitled to also. Mia was in her usual spot in the kitchen and when she saw what the boys were doing, Mia wasn't happy until she was with them.

Brenner and Cayden are quite the sculptors. Brenner made a dog and it's owner and a house, and Cayden made an airplane. Cayden was being silly and got in Mia's seat.