Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day- Horay!

Christmas Morning

Santa came!

Brenner and his RC Car- Super Happy!
Cayden, and you guessed it... More Lego's. As you can see- ecstatic. And Mia and her American Doll. So very happy to have Emily! The traditional breakfast pizza and fresh squeezed Orange Juice! Later that day (after a nap of course) we had french dip sandwiches with the Douglas clan and opened more presents with the gift swaps. A truly wonderful Christmas, we could not ask for more!
Merry Christmas to all our family, near and far,
We love you all!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Cruise

Christmas Cruise

Another cruise you ask? Well Nikki had the time off of work and we were going to go to Charleston or Branson or some place up north. But it always works out to be cheaper for us (without airfare) to go on a cruise- so we did! It turned out to be much warmer too which I liked allot! Of the five, We had two days at sea to just sit in the warm sun in a lounge and just RELAX. It was truly a vacation!
Every one at the dinner table. As this only happened twice the entire cruise with kids choosing either friends or Camp Carnival over dinner with mom and dad, it was fun! Mimi... open your eyes! Off the ship in Key West. This was one port that Mommy was very excited to see as we have been all through the Caribbean but never to Key West. It was very clean, built up and no one heckled you to buy junk- I guess is is in the states is why, but it was so nice! Out side the Key Lime Pie Factory just resting in the warm coastal breeze. We got a very cute ornament for our tree in the shape of a slice of key lime pie- too cute! That night at dinner.... Clink! The next day in the Bahamas. This day Mia stayed with Mimi and Granddaddy and the rest of us went off to get some sun and go snorkeling. Cayden and the fish right off the pier. The water was so blue and you could see strait to the bottom. Cayden out snorkeling. We did take an underwater camera for pics this day, but to go and get them developed, who knows, do they still do that!Brenner driving the boat back to the ship. Towel Animals! As Mimi and Granddaddy passed theirs down the hall each night, we always ended up with two! Oh the joy!!! Mia, Daddy and Leo or head waiter each night for dinner. He was very good, and made the cruise so much fun. Picture time out on deck! The sunset picture. Thanks for getting up from your nap Granddaddy to be our photographer! Christmas in the spectrum. Seven floors of garland, it was very pretty! The last day it even snowed inside this area and we all sang Christmas Carols, very fun!

Oh- all great things do come to an end and being that this was the 24th of December we needed to get home for Christmas! See ya later!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everything Christmas 2011

Mia is our last believer in all that is Santa. She sat on the old mans lap and asked him for an American Girl Doll, something that when the catalog came over a month ago Daddy said no way too. Well one month later who do you think walked out of the American Doll store over $200 dollars lighter!?!? Argh!!! The clothes are too cute and they have PJ's that match the dolls PJ's... give me a break!!! She also asked for a blue snow bear, lots of candy in her stocking and of all things a "helicopter"... what! She is not getting a helicopter! The "Non-believers" also pose with Santa to make their parents happy.

Christmas Cookies. Due to the animal ban by Daddy the kids are all very animal needy (I guess the "stuffed" ones are not enough). One night Mia and Mommy fed a stray cat out the front door and guess what- We now have pets! This is Cayden and Mia feeding the rascals on our front step. -Christmas Carmel- just can't seem to get them right in Georgia!We have tried and tried and re-cooked and tried, even buying a new candy thermometer and they still come out way to soft or hard as a rock. I think we will stick with the toffee. Several months back Mom made a comment of being sad that she no longer felt she knew where we lived and the kids played as we moved and all. So what better time than Christmas when your house looks its best to give those back in Utah a tour.... Here Goes- The Dining Room. The Front Room Our Family Room The Kitchen And the cool garland that Mom sent us on our upstairs banister. And as our bed rooms are a mess, the tour ends there! This is a picture of the "project" that I have been working on for the last several weeks. It started out a thing for us and has evolved into a "project" for everyone! I hope that you have all received them buy now and they look great in your homes and that you like them, I know that we do!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Callaway Gardens 2011

Callaway Gardens

and Fantasy in Lights
Once again we went down to Callaway Gardens for Fantasy in Lights. The Taylor family went with us this year and we all had a great time. The bird show was new this year and with owls and hawks flying over our heads it was quite the experience, and the gardens were beautiful as always. All of us in front of one of the many Christmas Trees. The crew in front of the sign stating that there were 2200 butterflies in the butterfly pavilion that day.... until Daddy entered.

Ever since one of the lounges on one of the cruises we went on was decorated in butterflies all over the walls, I have been hooked. Over the years that we have gone to the butterfly pavilion I have been infatuated with them and in the gift shop at the end they have all kinds of butterflies in frames to purchase (75$ for the cheapest one). Much to Nikki's threats, dirty looks and ultimate disapproval, this year Daddy managed to leave the pavilion with several in his pockets! As it is posted all over the place not to take anything from the pavilion, I know it was wrong but I just could not help myself!
They are truly beautiful on my wall and now I guess there are only 2197 in the butterfly pavilion! Not a great picture but this is the only one we got of the finally- The Lights!

They were amazing as always!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brenner Turns 11- Yes 11!Brenner and some of his gang at his skating party.
Eating his favorite food- PIZZA!
Mimi came over on Saturday and started to teach the kids how to oil paint. Brenner and Cayden are bolth doing beach pictures while Mia wanted to paint dolphins... and they are going to be pink!
Mommy and Mia at her Thanksgiving Day Celebration. As you can see, she was an indian and did a great job with her parts and singing- Very cute!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brandon Flowers I have known for some time that the lead singer one of my favorite bands of all time the Killers was LDS. Take a look at his mormon.org interview in the link below. I think that his little boy is the cutest thing next to Cayden at that age! Very Cool- Check it out!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This year Mia was a Lady Bug, Cayden a Grim Reaper and Brenner decided to break the bank and wear his Soccer uniform to go Trick or Treating! Who leaves candy on their door step? I guess these people!?!

In the end and all the spoils layed out for trading and such- Fun Fun Fun!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family PicturesFamily pictures in the park with the fall colors. Costume change.
Just the Kids. To cute!
And the whole Douglas Clan!