Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~Our 10th Anniversary~

Looking Back On Our Tenth Anniversary~
It is crazy but wonderful to think what 10 years of marriage brings. If we could only go back and tell this young couple what the next ten years would hold, do you think they would have still gone ahead?
Absolutely and Without a Doubt!
We have had a wonderful and exciting ride so far and can't wait for the next ten, twenty five, fifty, or for that matter~ bring on Eternity!

We had a great Tenth Anniversary and have spent some time over the last week reliving and talking about the past through family videos and pictures. It is very strange to be watching "our past" on video with three kids eating popcorn on the couch with us~ Wow! Who are those Babies they asked.

Well I had intended to have a little montage of pictures of the last ten years of the Smiths to post, but with all that keeps us busy, it did not get done. But check back as I still intend to do it~ how exciting, I bet you can't wait! =)
Well, here is the 10 year picture play by play that I promised. As I started looking over pictures of the last 10 years, I thought I might just find one or two a year that would be an overview, but was I ever wrong. There are over three shoe boxes of the first five years and over 5,000 pictures on our hard drive of the last five years. Getting stressed and as I just could not decide which ones to post and which ones to leave out I have decided that just some anniversary pictures over the years would suffice. So Enjoy~
Oh~ for Our youth back! One of our engagement photos
August 19th,1999
Our Wedding Day was truly amazing but just look at the picture above as it will keep me from scanning another. =)

Our First Anniversary, and the Cake that had been in our freezer for a year was not to bad!?! =) We also knew that Brenner was coming in less than two months. Oh Yeah~ we did not waste any time.
We spent our 5th anniversary on a Cruise to Mexico and had a great time.

Although it is so much fun to look back and remember the past, what is really exciting is the future. And if our future can be made of more moments like those of our past it will truly be wonderful!