Friday, January 18, 2008

Popcorn Time!!

Grams and Pa gave us an air popper for Christmas, so we tried it out and made a yummy batch of carmel corn. The kids thought it was great fun. They acted like they had never seen popcorn made before. They had lots of fun.

Mia loves her Uncle Justin. She loves to give him huges and kisses.

Boys will be boys!!

Looks like the boys had fun while the girls did a little shopping. Hope no one got Brain Freeze from their slurpies!

Mia says "this mall is too loud."


We introduced the game of Catan to everyone. Justin even took a liking to the silly addicting game. Will anyone trade me a sheep for a wheat??

Georgia Snowmen!!!

As you can see the snow followed them all the way to Georgia from Utah. Yes, it snowed one day they were here. Yes, Georgia snowmen look a little different than the snowmen out West. But still a very cute snowman. Although he melted by the next day. He was still fun to build.

Cookies with Grams and Pa

The kids had lots of fun with the cool cookies Grams brought with her. She brought edible markers to decorate cookies. Mia just like sucking on the markers.