Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Georgia Friends
 This group of people (and as I type, many emotions come very close to the surface) are some of the best in our lives! We have grown very close to them all over the many great years we spent in Georgia. All are from the Monroe Ward Era (the best of our lives) and as we look into each and every face, there are so many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever!  The Taylor's, Thomas's, Brown's, Harper's, Carter's and Allred's- All names we will forever remember.  Thank you all for so very much!!!  Great memories with each of you and as a group, with kids and with out.  As you all remember during my brief (yeah right) remarks and memories at our great "Going Away" party, I can be quite emotional, and I am getting that way now so I will just end it with-

 The kidos at Stevi B's Pizza.
 Maybe the last picture of Brenner, Weston and James- Who knows?
 -The Girls-
 -The Boys-
And thank you so much to Marie for this picture, because as I look at it it truly makes me smile as it truly captures all the pure joy, fun, emotion, and love this group shares- it will truly be missed in our lives!
Farewell For Now Friends- 
Until We See Ya All Again! 
How Time Flies!!!
 Wow- it has been well over a month since our last post and sometimes it is for lack of pictures or interesting things to blog about, but this time it is just a lack of time! We have been so very busy with getting ready for the upcoming shows, the move and just "life", that we have not had the time to post!  So here is a spattering of what we have been up to the last month and a half. 
Cayden turned ten in march and had a great birthday even if Daddy forgot the "T" in birthday on his Cookie Cake. Sky landers, a lava lamp and Peanut M&M's were on his list.
 Mia got her hair cut for the first time (other than little trims by Mom). She looks so very cute with it shorter!
 Mommy's last day (Night) at the Hospital in Georgia- Yeh!!!
 Mia and Daddy gluing glitter to a shoe box for Valentines.
What a mess!!! 
 All the Brantley and Smith kids eating traditional "Green Dinner" for St. Patrick's Day.
 And the adults too!
Lucky Irish!
 The kids after a huge and very violent hail storm holding dime (or bigger) size hail in their hands.
 Mia holding "Grams singing Bunny"- Do your Ears Hang Low?
Cayden and Daddy putting the finishing touches on his pinewood derby car. 
 Mia doing house Work!?!
Maybe the butterfly wings are helping!?!
 Dyeing Easter Eggs.
 The kids at the Park.
 Five Guys Burgers and Fries with Mimi and Granddaddy.
 Easter Baskets.
 Mia looses her first tooth. 
Makes Daddy sad- she is growing up!
 Brenner wading in the river at Gary Pirkle park.
My two beautiful girls!!!