Saturday, February 27, 2010

A tale of two Cities

I don't know why for sure we are addicted to the Olympics, but I do know that for the two plus weeks they are going on every other year, we cannot pull ourselves away from the TV. I don't know what to make of our addiction as neither of us watch much TV or are really "sports" minded in any other way or at any other time. Could it be that we are both from Olympic Cities and we have been in some way hypnotized by the Olympic movement? Whatever the reason, we are hooked! We watch during dinner and it is on in the background during homework and piano practice. We even find ourselves watching until midnight some nights because we just have to see who won what. It is Crazy! For a couple of weeks I get the mindless "ESPN Obsession" most guys have for watching anything sports on TV! It is very strange. With the closing ceremonies coming up very soon, Nikki and I asked ourselves what we are going to do with our evenings as soon as the Olympics are over, as we can't seem to remember life without them. I think that we will live!
In the end I think that it is the excellence of everything Olympic that keeps us coming back for more. It is the exciting traditions of the opening, awards and closing ceremonies, the stories of these no-name un-paid athletes from all over the world that train all their lives for several seconds of greatness, and also the stories of defeat and of 4th place and no medal. The whole thing is just exciting and we think that they are great! Do we really have to wait two more years for more!!!
Is anyone else addicted? We could start OAA- Olympic Addicts Anonymous. We might need a support group!
FLASH BACK- Nikki and I at a 2002 Olympic downhill event in Salt Lake City. The energy of the games is truly unique- Long live the Olympics!