Saturday, March 29, 2008

Magic Kingdom

Saturday at the Magic Kingdom- After a quick breakfast in our room, we were off to the Magic Kingdom. Lots of excitement to say the least! Grams and Pa had sent little coin purses with some money in them for each child to buy something fun, and this money was spent and spent again as the souvenirs piled up over the week, all the kids liked the many fun shops and felt that they needed something from each one they visited, and in the magical sprit of the moment, Mom's and Dad's found it hard to say no allot of the time! The first ride of the day was Pirates of the Caribbean, and the kids loved it. Brenner and Cayden had been to Disney Land two years before and seemed to remember many things, and enjoyed seeing some of the familiar rides, for little Mia on the other hand, everything was new! We did allot that first day, The Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Tree House, the Tiki Room (this time Cayden was not scared of the lightning), Country Bear Jamboree, Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, Tom Sawyers Island, Splash Mountain (Brenner's first Thrill ride of many to come), Small World (Mia's favorite) and many others. After Taco Salads and Quesadillas for lunch in Adventure Land we caught a great parade and had Mickey Ice cream bars on the curb of the parade route. That night we rode the Monorail to the Grand Floridian and had dinner in the Cafe. The meal was good but stressful! Cayden caught a bug late in the day and with the help of Mommy, threw up in a garbage can outside of Small World and again at Dinner but this time all over Nikki. Brenner caught it on the bus ride back to the hotel and threw up in a garbage can on the way back to the room. There was speculation that they got sick from drinking water from a questionable water fountain on Tom Sawyers Island? Nikki and I had sick stomachs the following day and then the bug seemed to pass as quick as it came, thankfully without getting anyone in Cort's Family sick. The boys chose light up pirate guns in the pirate gift shop and had a pirate battle between the adjoining hotel rooms before they went to bed. Yo ho, Yo ho a pirates life for me!