Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years
Winter fun at the "Cabin"
 We all walked in as the keys to the snow machines were left in the cabin. 
Mush Mush little doggies! We went up on Friday and would have six days of snowy fun!
 Snow Angel Brenner!
 Zoom Zoom- the machines were lots of fun!
 Cayden and one of the Huge ice sickles form the cabin roof.
 Cort and his family joined us on Sunday and we played from morning till night- after Mandy helped Nikki on her puzzle till very late. Lots of great food, good company and Fun!!!
On Monday Grams and Pa joined us and on Tuesday Alisa and her family came up for the bonfire and lunch- Fun fun fun!
 Cort pulling Mia- she had a blast!
 Alisa the kids and Pa at the association lunch- we did not win much at the raffle this year- =(
 The Bonn fire! 
 Grams and Pa
Grams bringing sexy back in that hat!
 The kids and a big fire!
 Grams and the Little's and a craft
 The big kids and a game of "Clue".
Nikki's puzzle wrapped up in the Green puzzle wrap!
Many things seemed not to work this trip and the pellet burning fireplace was one of them the last day. Pa -and Gent tried in vain to fix it the last day- again- =( 
All in all we had a great six days and a wonderful new years!!!