Friday, March 7, 2008

Cayden's fifth Lego Birthday Party

Cay Cay's
1st friend party. He had picked out small lego fire truck sets to give to each friend as a party favor and they all spent time "LEGO BUILDING". After LEGO Cookie Cake eating it was time to open the pile of pressents- Guess what.... More Legos!!!

Yes, we wrapped his presents like legos. How cute is that, and yes those are legos inside that box. Like he needs more legos.

Wow this is a cool cake.

There was no question what kind of party little Cay Cay was going to have. He loves his legos. His traditional cake was also easy to make, and he loved it as you can see. Our little Cay Cay is five years old. He has gotten soooooooo big!!!! We love you Cayden.