Friday, November 22, 2013

House Update
This is where it all began several months back- just a line in the brown dirt- over the next several months it will become the "SMITH HOME". And we can't wait!
The day the "Hole" was dug, Daddy decided to get pizza and have dinner in our "HOLE". Brenner looks so very excited!
All dug, the foundation rocks a water line and a sewer pipe.
Every great home needs thick and strong footings.
The basement walls go up.
A happy Daddy!
The kids in "Trenches"!
Included for Mimi and Granddaddy- Wow- look at that Bathroom! Nice!
All the "Poop" pipes.
Before the basement floor was poured- we drew up some "Future Goals" and set them into the cement that would be set the next day. That is some serious "Goal Setting"!
The daylight basement rock walls go in.
The finished product- beautiful!
Just imagine it with trees, bushes, vines and all- WOW!
Mia gets a ride with the rock guy in his "Cat".
The first "wood drop" of so many more to come.
Daddy standing on the future fire place area.
Pa comes for another visit.
The garage and main floor walls- it is going up!
It rains- Cayden in the pool of water.
The Herren's pay a visit.
The back of our House- I think it is beautiful! Looks like the "great and spacious building" from some dream I have heard about- yikes!
Cayden and the new Heater.
Cayden is my #2 man- he loves to check up on every and all new improvements almost as much as I do. Brenner on the other hand does not- I can't understand him. Come on Cayden- lets go look again!
Well, this is the front for now and where it sits currently. Next up are doors and windows, the electric guy is there (white truck), the shingle guys are half done and the HVAC guys truck is around back. Sheet rock will be soon I think and then it all goes very quick- Check Back Soon!!!