Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Ski Trip to North CarolinaWe went to Maggie Valley for a little skiing and had a great time. I guess kids pick up everything quicker than adults, because after a quick 2 hour lesson, all three were skiing!
Mia and Daddy.
The Speed Demon Brenner.
And the ever cautious Cayden.
All three kids on the bunny slope.
Mia and Daddy on the BIG LIFT! She went straight down the hill without any care, and was fine as long as the there was someone to catch her at the end. Brenner went down with allot of right turns (could not get the left down for some reason). And Cayden, was fine for the first little bit, fussed and cried the next (with daddy screaming and yelling and saying he was not going to walk down, one of those moments that your thoughts go back to you and your dad at the same age.) and He walked down the rest of the big hill back to the bunny slope where he was just fine for the rest of the day.
Every one had a great time, and Brenner even wanted to go back the next day.
The next day we went to the Builtmore and walked through. It is very amazing that people used to (and still do I guess) live like that! The house was amazing, and being the largest house in the country, I guess it should be. Amazing is all I have to say!
Kids in a candy store.
Valentines morning back at the cabin.
A cute shot of the kids at a gift shop overlooking Tallulah Gorge. We harassed Brenner about being the boy from Where the Red Fern Grows as he just read the book in school.
Every one on the deck of the cabin.
And the last night we stopped in at Harra's Casino in Cherokee to eat at Paula Dean's new restaurant there for Mimi. It was very good, especially the ewy gewy vanilla brownie.