Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We have slacked- So where to start?

Back to the past- Georgia!
In beautiful Stone Mountain- one of the most amazing places on earth!
This trip as our last for a while brought back many memories over the years, back to a time when our kids were much smaller.
 At one of the truly Southern places to eat- Waffle House! Mimi and Granddaddy go there every Saturday so we figured we would join them! Smothered, Covered, Diced, Chopped and Chunked!
 Very Happy kids!
 Mia with one of her favorites- Boiled Peanuts! Not in Utah!!!
 The kids wearing hats from one of many care packages from Mommy out in Utah.
 Brenner and Mimi and their favorite game- Checkers!
And Brenner and Cayden at the last Basket Ball Camp in Georgia- lots of fun!