Friday, June 15, 2012

Swim Team
The kids are all on the local swim team this year and are loving it!  They all swim with kids that have been swimming for several years and all do very well, even coming in first and second in most of their heats.
Mom and Dad love the good family atmosphere, Cayden loves the socialization and being in the water, Mia loves the attention from all the "Big" girl and boy (yes- it starts early with this one!) coaches and her swim Buddie and Brenner loves the competition, even swimming a lap with his goggles pushed into his mouth and never stopping to adjust them (and he got second place!).  I have posted several heats below for everyone to view, make sure you see Mia's- Too Cute!

Brenner's Backstroke
Mia's Backstroke- Too Cute!

Cayden's Backstroke