Saturday, March 29, 2014


Never thought it would happen!
 Oh the JOY!
 Don't break the Glass!
 Mia having fun in an empty box.
 The fish tank in the upstairs loft- it was a bear getting it up the stairs but oh so worth it!
Thanks to all who helped- You know if you were there! :)
Cayden riding a box horse!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The House is done!
 Me sitting on out newly installed carpet, everything is about done!
 One last "pizza night" before we close- Not ours yet!
 Nikki and I sat in the Master and ate our pizza thinking of all the fun and work to come!
 This is a picture of Chad- a great Super!
 Our Dinning Room.
The Foyer.
 Our kitchen and our table for "5"- wonderful!
 Family Room.
 Our Beautiful home!
First "home cooked" meal- delicious!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mia on ICE
 Ever since she started swimming at the Bountiful Rec Center, Mia has watched the Ice Skaters with stars in her eyes!  The lessons were all full in Febuary so March was her turn.
 She has gotten quite good- She can now go forward, reverse and skate on one leg!  Maybe by the end we will get some "twizzles" or even a "double lutz"!
Her confidence has increased so much- and it is so fun to watch her skate and the smile on her face!
Go Mia!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Another House Update
-Seven + weeks overdue-
 The painting is finally finished after over a week.
 We have had several rain storms, snow melt and a rather wet February- as a result- we give you "Lodder Lake"!  Lodder is the name of our builder.
 Drive Way cement poured- Still waiting for the cement work in the back as it is still to wet!
 Rain gutters in place
 An anxious and weary but happy family!
 The toilets are in!
These are very nice due to two extra inches in height- They supposedly flush stronger and are much nicer to get on and off of- Money well spent on two extra inches? I think worth every penny!
 Hot water anyone?
 Our shower surround-
Although not the European style I would have liked- the bleeding has got to stop some wear!
 Much to the kids dismay- The lake must be pumped and a large drain put in the back.
 Lake- meet the storm drain!
 The beginnings of a "Laundry Chute"!
 The cabinets arrive! Hurray!
And the hardwood floor- dusty but absolutely beautiful!
I hope the next post finds us in our new home- fingers crossed!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cayden Turns 11
Only one picture of this event but our little Cay Cay just gets bigger and bigger!
We always go were the B-day child wants for dinner but Cayden got breakfast too this year!
Minecraft was his cookie cake of choice and fun was had by all!
He opted to have his friend party in several weeks after we move as all his school and Ward friends are close to the new house!
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Metal Mouth
 Brenner had his orthodontic consultation and due to an overbite, crooked teeth on one side and some spacing issues- he is now a "Metal Mouth"!
 Ouch- that looks like it might hurt!!!
All done!
He chose blue Bands for his first instalment- I am sure we have many other color variations to come in the following months!  He was an ornery bear the first several days after but is back to normal and happy Brenner by now.