Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summer fun 2014

Summer Fun 2014
(in no particular order)
 Ninja gives birth to four kittens- the kids favorite past time!
 Brenner and Cayden get the Aviation Merit Badge in Heber Utah.
 Dad has a truly wonderful Swiss Days-
 The chickens start laying eggs.
 At the Ogden Temple open house.
 Some cement goes in the backyard- we have walkways!!!
 The front of the house after Daddy installed some new lighting
Truly Beautiful- says Daddy!
 Brenner finishes up the last three climbs for the climbing merit badge from camp.
 Cutting lots of at the Cabin for our yard edging.
It will be beautiful when done!
 The chickens lay "more" eggs!!!
 Mia's 8th birthday party.
 Playing in the water at Pine view Reservoir.
 Riding the trains behind our home.
 Making cupcakes with Mommy.
 At a swim meet.
 Lagoon a Beach day.
 In Yellowstone.
 Mia and Maddie at Peter Pan.
 Nikki and Granddaddy do some yard work.
 Mia and Maddie at the Susseical.
 Daddy and Mia at the Hill Air Show.
 Moving Mimi and Granddaddy cross country.
Denver Traffic- Argh!
 The boys in the freezing water at Hinkley Scout Ranch.
 Mia's Baptism.
 Saint Patricks day.
Our 15th anniversary cruise- what fun!!!
 Nikki's 40th Birth Day.
 And with all that we still found the time to...
Finish a Basement!
Now on to the front and back yards!
No rest for the weary!!!