Sunday, May 27, 2012

-The 1st Summer Trip-
Decatur Alabama
 The first trip happened a week early as Daddy was online planning out the summer and found the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival was over Memorial Day weekend and could not pass up such a great opportunity!  65 Hot Air Balloons in the air all at the same time!  Are you kidding me!
 The Kids in front of Transformers "Bumble Bee" at the antique auto show earlier in the day.
 Inside- yes, inside a balloon laying on the ground filled with cool air from a big fan.  It was very cool and just massive looking from that view!
 The kids, the Balloons and some cool treats.
 The "Balloon Glow" at dusk, very beautiful!  The black one you see in the center is the one we were inside of earlier.
 The next morning and the "Balloon Release".  No matter how hard I tried, I could not ever get them all in the camera shot, far too many balloons over way to much sky. 
Simply amazing!
 Although all the kids thoroughly enjoyed it all, Brenner is a bit older and appreciated the whole thing a bit more.  This was one of his favorites.
A picture of one of Daddy's favorites, and it actually landed about 30 or so feet from where we were standing taking it all in to deflate and roll up.  Fun to watch!
What a fun beginning to hopefully a great summer!
More stuff and Southern States to come so stay posted-

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of School  
Here are the kids on their last morning going to elementary school together.  As Brenner will be in middle school next year, a big 6th grader, they will attend different schools.  Where did the time go?  A Middle Schooler?  Are we talking about our kids???
Alisa will surely love that Brenner is not wearing a T-shirt underneath his top shirt, how did that slip past me?!?  And take a close look at Mia's shirt, yep, it says "love one another" and we bought it at the local Target!  Maybe someone high-up in the Target chain is LDS?!?!

Monday, May 14, 2012

-Summer Trips-
School is out in a week or so for the summer and as we spent our Vacation wad on going to Utah this spring, allot of Camping is ahead of us this summer.  I had the grand idea to visit as many Southern States with our new little camping trailer as possible in 2012 and we are kicking it off with a trip to Tennessee the end of this month.  We will go to a neat cave and do a little spelunking, see some great waterfalls and have some good old camping fun!  Alabama is planned for the second week in June and Florida is planned for the end of the month.  North and South Carolina in July and possibly Kentucky and Virginia by Fall! We will see. Throughout the summer, Nikki has Monday and Tuesday off which gives us a three/four day weekend each and every week until August.  So we my just visit Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana too!
The kids are also all signed up to be manta rays on a local swim team and with scout camps, Mia's Birthday and everything that summer has to offer it looks to be very busy!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

                                     Lego Land Atlanta
Lego Atlanta! Very Cool!
The Tall Buildings, the Fox, the Aquarium, Turner Field, the Capitol and so much more all built out of Cayden's favorite little bricks.  As you can only imagine, he was in LEGO HEAVEN!

Brenner in front of Lego Turner Field.
Cayden next to the Lego Georgia Dome.
And Mia standing next to "Lego Mia" all built out of Lego bricks!
In the 4D theater. What a fun day!