Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Posts, But into the past...

New Posts, But into the Past...
As the years go by and we and our kids seem to get older and older I want more and more of what has gone before. As Scrap booking has become somewhat something of the past (we love the ones we have, but to keep up with them- Really?), our family blog has become our priceless Scrapbook, Journal or Family Record and it needs to be complete.  I don't know when this will happen for sure, but two more years have just been added and it makes me feel positive that the rest will come at some time.  It is only a picture or two a month and some simple words but it is a start to reach into the past.  So Go and have fun looking back at 2007 and 2006, I now I did! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Kitties... Again!

Kitties... Again!
 Our resident wild cat Socks (AKA: Ho Tramp) has come by the house to show off her new litter.  They are very cute as you can see, but Daddy is starting to wonder, how many cute kitties that turn into cats do we need running around the neighborhood?
As you can only tell, Brenner, Cayden and Mia are very excited that they are around and I am not sure that any of them have even feed, watered or thought about their bunnies since the kitties arrived.
Socks needs to be fixed- Where is Bob Barker when you need him!

Monday, August 13, 2012

End of Summer

-Summer Comes to an End-
 Well all good things seem to come to an end in one form or another and so to comes an end to our "Summer of Traveling FUN".  We saw all kinds of neat "Southern" stuff, and it turned out to be just a lot of fun.  Many great memories were made and lots of special family time was had that is just priceless to us.  We saw everything we set out to see except South Carolina and we will pick that state out in the future.  This is a picture of the kids with the Taylor's up at the lake and was the last trip of the summer!
 The Kids and the Dads out in the water.
 We have been watching lots of Olympics and here the kids are watching and getting their school supplies ready for the first big day back.
 The Kids on the first Day of School.  Brenner is in Middle School and seems to like changing classes, his locker, and no recess.
The kids also had their Swimming Banquet recently and all came away with lots of ribbons and hardware.