Monday, July 8, 2013

The following are many pictures from the first weeks in Utah.
At Tempanyaki- one of our favorites!
 Wow- There are trees in Utah! 
 Our building lot- just dirt for now!
 In front of the Salt Lake Temple.
 A visit from some dear friends from Georgia.
 First trip to the cabin in many years.
 The Utah cousins, What fun!
Bop-you anyone!
 Mia, Blake and Seth share a Birthday Cake!
 Bing and Laddy
We love you guys!
 Cort and Mandy and asphalt pie.
 Alisa and John getting a little dessert!
 Back at the cabin and four-Wheeling fin!
 Crawdads anyone?
Not again for me!
 Smores and good times!
Hiking up Bountiful Canyon.
 The Cabin is always lots of fun mixed with some good work. 
 The fourth of July.
Snow cones- Tigers Blood!