Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Days

-The last weeks of summer-
How did it happen again- summer break is almost over. A little over two weeks and the kids (all three) will be back in school. This is a picture of the kids at Country Kid's Camp. They loved all the fun "country summer" activities and could not wait to go back each day.
Their favorite things-
Brenner- The zip line into the lake, canoeing and the "Mud Day".
Cayden- The zip line, the fire truck hose down and looking for worms.
Mia- Doing all kinds of crafts and catching tadpoles. Also riding "trigger" the horse and painting him with finger paints. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
<>We also celebrated the 24th of July in high pioneer style. We pulled our family and provisions (a salad for the potluck and our camera) in a hand cart to a little valley (1/8th of a mile from the car) and hung out with some of the best Mormons around (the Monroe Ward). It was lots of fun, but super HOT! Come, come ye saints!!!
And Brenner is still reading, and reading and reading. He has only a chapter or two left in the final fifth book of the Percy Jackson series. All added up, he has read over 1,800 pages this summer. I think that meets the AR reading goal for the summer! Turns out all that finger and thumb exercise from all his video gaming also helps to turn the pages of books- who would have thought!!!