Friday, September 12, 2008


We went to the circus the Friday we got back from our trip to Utah. We got free tickets from my work. We had a great time even though we almost got nosebleeds from how high the seats were, we still had a great time. Brenner and Cayden loved the clowns and acrobats. Mia loved the elephants and the Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggie Dogs. They all loved the treats that we got. We figured the tickets were free so we could buy the over priced treats.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our last night in Utah

After pictures we went to hang with the Beckers. Both Gent and I love and crave the Bajio salad, so we stopped by and got us a Bajio salad and got the kids Mcdonalds. That is the best salad and it was as good as I remember. So good we had it twice, once on the way back from the cabin, and again with the Beckers. Gent had a carry on just for Catan, and we played it many times. Once with Tara, Darren and Pa at the cabin. Two late nights at Cort and Mandy's. I think we got Cort addicted. And we played with the Beckers our last night there. We had a great fun filled week thank you so much for everyone who made it so great. And a special thanks for grams and Pa for giving up your bed and putting up with our mess. We love you guys very much, and can't wait to visit again.

Grams did a great job on planning the activities. She almost forgot the jumphouse, so we made time for it on Saturday morning before the family pictures. Everyone came over for Breakfast and had time to jump. Again lots of yummy food (Grams keep us well fed, especially breakfast, she knows how we love breakfast).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playing with the Cousins

Pa hung out in the shade reading a book and Mia came and hung out with him throughout the day. She likes hanging out with Pa.
Cayden and Austin had a great time together.

All the fun in the sun makes a kid hungry!! Snack time, then it back to digging in the sand.
This is what the kids did most of the day, played on the beach. They built sandcastles, blew bubbles with grams, and tried to catch the fish. Fun times.

Fun in the Sun!!

I thought Brenner would love the jet skis, but he was more interested in trying to catch the fish in the lake with his bare hands. Good luck with that Brenner. He finally towards the end of the day finally got on the jet skis and he did have fun on them.

Mia on the other had loved the jet skis and rode them as much as she could. She liked going fast too.

Where there is sand little Cay Cay is having fun. Mia loved the lobster float.

Before the family pictures we went to spend time and have lunch with Bing and Laddy. We had a good time. Again Mia warmed up to them very quick, and gave them lots of hugs and kisses.
We had dinner with Cynthia and her family. We had chinese and had agreat time visting with them. We love and miss ya'll.

We had lunch on Friday with Stacey and Michael. Stacey gave us a hard time for only giving them a lunch slot, sorry Stacey. We wish we could have spent more time also. We had fun though, we went to Carls Junior. The kidos had fun playing at the playland there. Next time I promise we willgive ya'll more time ok.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!!

Mia was so excited to ride the train. The whole way to the cabin, when she saw the trains she would start singing chugga chugga choo choo over and over. The boys were very sick of it and were yelling at her to stop, Cayden especially. He said Mia was giving him a headache and crying for her to stop. The movie was very cool also. Thanks Grams and Pa. We love Ya!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grams and Pa time!!

Mia loves her Grams and Pa. She warmed up to them very quickly. Mia also had a lot of fun with Breanne. Much to our surprise the first night we were there Tara asked Mia if she wanted to go home with her and Breanne and have a sleep over. She said she wanted to, we let her go thinking we would have to go and get her later, but she had a blast and never thought of her Mommy and Daddy again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cabin Time!!

We did some R and R on Sunday at Grams and Pa's house, much needed R and R after our full day of travel. We were off to the mountains on Monday. Tara, Darren, and Breanne came with us. Nikki and Tara had lots of fun making hair bows and bracelets. The first day we were there it snowed, can you believe that. It was ok, it didn't stay long. The snow didn't keep us from the great outdoors. We rode the 4-wheelers, did the zip line, and yes ate snow cones, Gent made sure we had a campfire with smores. Pa made sure we had a pretty fire as well. Grams and Pa just put a cool sandbox and that was Cayden's favorite addition to the cabin. They had a money dig and found lots of money. It was just change, now if there would have been large bills I would have been digging in the sand. That would be a good idea next time Grams and Pa. Great fun for all at the cabin.