Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mia's 3rd Birthday
I don't think that Mia quite knew what to expect when we talked about a Luau for her 3rd birthday, but as soon as she saw the grass skirt and Flower Leis, She never looked back. She is also planning on wearing her new favorite "skirt" and "Necklace" all next week and to church the following Sunday. Oh Boy!
Little Luau's

Mia did not know what to think at first about the pinata and did not want to hit it with a stick, but as soon as she realized that it was full of candy, she forgot all about the pinatas feelings. She smacked that candy filled bird over and over again.
The big luau's
What fun way for our little girl to turn 3, although we still can't believe it!
She promised that she would stay little forever!