Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Les Miserables
We went to Les Miserables with the Carters and it was AMAZING!
The new production of the original was very close to what I remember from before.  The stage did not rotate around and their were several very subtle changes, but for the most part is is the same old show with the same music and truly amazing new staging.  When Javier jumps to his death it is much better than before and everyone loved the Paris sewer scenes.  Exceptional in every way and worth seeing again!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trip To Utah
The trip started with what elts- Pup Pancakes! And lots of good food to come, homemade and from all the great Utah places we miss so much.

The weather could not decide what it whanted to do as we had snow days and beautiful spring days.

Decorating Easter Eggs- so many to decorate!

Bing made Easter Dresses for all the girls and also one that matched perfectly for each of their dolls, so much work, but how cute do they all look!

Laddy and all the boys!
Bing and Laddy- We all love you bolth so much!

The kids after the Easter Egg Hunt.

Marzipan Cake- Yummy!

Jump and Jump!

Out of order but Easter Morning Picture.  Cute but very small baskets, as the usual large ones did not fit in our carry ons.

The Salt Lake Temple Picture.
The flowers were absolutly beautiful and our kids are not to bad either!