Monday, March 31, 2008

More Magic Kingdom!!!

Monday back at the Magic Kingdom- With everyone feeling much better we got a better start and arrived at Disney World early. Just inside the front gates on main street the Mom's and kids waited to get a picture and signatures from Snow White and Dopey and Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio while the Dad's went to get Mickey ears with the kid's names embroidered on the back, they turned out so cute! There is nothing as cute as a child in Mickey Ears, and we had five kids in hats and their Mickey t-shirts, they where the most adorable kids in all of Disney World! The Magic of walking down Main Street toward Cinderella Castle holding the hand of your child is a feeling I will never forget! Disney World is truly a magical and happy place. After riding Space Ranger Spin and the Stitch Ride we ate sandwiches and Mini corndogs for lunch by the Castle Lake and fed the ducks French fries. Brenner and Cayden had the ducks Jumping to get fries out of their hands. After lunch we caught the Princess and Pirate show on the steps of the Castle and after a ride on the Tea Cups, we headed for Toon Town. After the kids had a lot of fun on a simple run of the mill mall style playground (go figure, you arein Disney World and the kids love the everyday playground), the Moms and the little ones headed back to the room for a mid day nap as this was to be one of our longest days. We were so surprised that Mia did as well as she did, at 22 months we had our doubts about how she would handle such long and tiring days. She would take naps in the stroller almost every day, something we never thought she would do. Mia was such a good and fun filled baby for the whole trip, looking back; we could not have imagined the trip with out her- Thanks Mia!!! While some got some rest, Cort and I and Brenner and Austin Went to ride Space Mountain, Brenner loved it and got two extra fast passes so he and Mommy could ride it again that evening. The Boys rode Thunder Mountain Railroad the Haunted Mansion and several other rides in fantasyland before every one meeting back together at the Contemporary Resort for a Steak Dinner. The Dinner was great, the first one really enjoyed by all. The kids had tie died grill cheese sandwiches and pizza and for desert was a scoop of ice cream with all the fixings tomake their own sundaes at the table. The adults had Filet Minion and crembrule, Yummy!!! Back to the park for Laugh Floor and some souvenir shopping and the fireworks over the castle. Tinker bell flew over our heads and the Fireworks were spectacular as only Disney can do! After the show, Nikki And the boys went through the crowds to do some souvenir shopping, Mia was in Daddy's arms and started to cry, saying Mommy, Mommy. After she realized Mommy was gone she said "I Shop, I Shop". She knew that the boys were going shopping and did not want to be left out! This day Mia Got a Pink Princess Miney Mouse that rode by her side in the stroller the rest of the trip. Before leaving Disney World we caught the late Electric Parade, the floats where amazing and many would change from all white lights to instant full color before the kids eyes. Although very tired, by the looks on their faces, the kids loved it. Many great memories were made in the "Happiest Place On Earth"!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sunday at Epcot- We had the Bought the Disney Meal Plan and had one quick service lunch, a snack and a nice sit down dinner to use each day- it turned out to be a very nice feature that we really enjoyed, we would not have gone to many of the fun and pricey dinners without it! As Breakfast was not included, most mornings we ate donuts, fruit, yogurt and muffins with milk and juice out of a cooler, it made it quick and convenient and the kids liked making in-room breakfast picnics on the floor with hotel towels. With some of us not feeling our best, we got a bit of a late start this day. After a morning dip in the Pop Century Pool, We arrived at Epcot around noon. We rode Spaceship Earth, Sorin and Mission Space. The kids loved Sorin and the three boys went a second time with Daddy. Epcot is a neat park with a focus on educational rides instead of just fun and thrills, but the kids still really enjoyed it. On the ride "living with the Land" the kids were glued to all the interesting things in the greenhouses as the boat passed through, as small as the kids were they still enjoyed these more educational rides. They liked seeing a pumpkin that was made to grow in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head. The Nemo and friends ride they kids loved as well, and in the aquarium at the end of the ride they learned all about Manatees and why they are an endangered species. At Epcot we bought a character autograph book and the kids had fun getting the signatures and their pictures with Many Disney characters like Mickey, Miney, Goofy and Chip and Dale. That night we ate at the Italian House in World Showcase. While we were waiting to get into dinner, we caught a street play; it was a spoof on Romeo and Juliet. I was pulled from the audience to be a cast member (The Jester); the kids thought it was funny! Every time the name Montague was said the audience made a hand gesture followed by a sort of farting noise, this was a favorite noise of all the boys for the rest of the trip, much to the adult’s dismay. This dinner was nice but still a bit on edge as we were all just at the end of the "Bug" and anything could still come up at any time. Brenner and Cayden loved the Round Fried Mozzarella and Noodles. As the Italian Restaurant was very nice and elegant, we were very grateful nothing "came up". Brenner did express that he did not like all the "Fancy Dinners" we were eating, this may have been partly due to the fact he likes junk food and also to daddy's obsession that he be on his best behavior at all times and the need for his napkin to be placed in his lap, he still does not understand the napkin thing. That night we caught the firework and Fire show called Illuminations, it was neat! This day the kids started to complain about all the walking, but for the most part were troopers for the trip! And as for the "Bug", the next day we all felt fine and were glad that it was just a 24-hour thing that did not destroy our vacation.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Magic Kingdom

Saturday at the Magic Kingdom- After a quick breakfast in our room, we were off to the Magic Kingdom. Lots of excitement to say the least! Grams and Pa had sent little coin purses with some money in them for each child to buy something fun, and this money was spent and spent again as the souvenirs piled up over the week, all the kids liked the many fun shops and felt that they needed something from each one they visited, and in the magical sprit of the moment, Mom's and Dad's found it hard to say no allot of the time! The first ride of the day was Pirates of the Caribbean, and the kids loved it. Brenner and Cayden had been to Disney Land two years before and seemed to remember many things, and enjoyed seeing some of the familiar rides, for little Mia on the other hand, everything was new! We did allot that first day, The Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Tree House, the Tiki Room (this time Cayden was not scared of the lightning), Country Bear Jamboree, Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, Tom Sawyers Island, Splash Mountain (Brenner's first Thrill ride of many to come), Small World (Mia's favorite) and many others. After Taco Salads and Quesadillas for lunch in Adventure Land we caught a great parade and had Mickey Ice cream bars on the curb of the parade route. That night we rode the Monorail to the Grand Floridian and had dinner in the Cafe. The meal was good but stressful! Cayden caught a bug late in the day and with the help of Mommy, threw up in a garbage can outside of Small World and again at Dinner but this time all over Nikki. Brenner caught it on the bus ride back to the hotel and threw up in a garbage can on the way back to the room. There was speculation that they got sick from drinking water from a questionable water fountain on Tom Sawyers Island? Nikki and I had sick stomachs the following day and then the bug seemed to pass as quick as it came, thankfully without getting anyone in Cort's Family sick. The boys chose light up pirate guns in the pirate gift shop and had a pirate battle between the adjoining hotel rooms before they went to bed. Yo ho, Yo ho a pirates life for me!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

Disney Memories 2008 Friday the 28th of March-
Editor's note- The writing entries for the Disney portion of this blog came from Gentry's journal of the trip and it gets a bit wordy and long, but it captures it all!!!
The trip is finally here! Finally the time had come for our trip to Walt Disney World, as a Family we had been looking forward and planning this trip for months. It was going to be extra fun because Cortney and his family where going to join us in Florida. Nikki and I worked 1/2 days and we picked up the kids from school and daycare and left for Disney World around 2:00. The kids were very excited! We only stopped once for food and a potty break and arrived in Orlando about 9:00, Cortney and his family had arrived earlier and where at Disney getting in some rides when we arrived. We checked into the Pop Century Resort and went to get something to eat for dinner. Cort, Mandy Austin and Olivia soon met us at the hotel and the kids had a cousin reunion! Each cousin got a Disney package with a Mickey/Minnie Mouse T-shirt, Disney PJ's and some treats. It was great to see Cort's family again. After several hours of catching up, we made plans for the next day and went to bed. Disney Here We Come!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Soccer Anyone

Brenner started out not liking soccer very much the first year. Now he loves the game, and he is very good. I think Cay Cay is at the place Brenner was and I hope he turns around soon and will like it as much as brenner does, we will give Cayden a few more season to see if soccer is for him.

Brenner's always going for the ball.

Go for the ball Cay Cay!!
Cayden is a very good little soccer player, but his favorite things are the snacks and drinks at the end of the game and the sand box at the soccer field.
At the end of the soccer season they have a party and get a trophy. Brenner and Cayden are being silly and have the cupcake toppers in their mouths.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter morning the kids were very excited to hunt for their Easter baskets. The easter bunny every year hides their baskets and they have to find them. Mia's was in the oven. It was a good thing Mommy didn't wake up early and make breakfast and turn the oven on by mistake and burn up Mia's basket.

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Easter 2008- We had dinner and an Easter egg hunt over at Patrick and Stephanie's house. It was lots of fun.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scary Easter Bunny

I think this hands down is the scarest looking Easter bunny I have ever seen. Mia would not even get close to him. We had a Easter party in our subdivision and one of the teenage kids tried to dress up like the Easter bunny. As you can see it didn't work out very well. The party was still fun. We had an Egg hunt, snow cones, popcorn and of course prizes and candy for the kids.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Green, Green, Green, Everythings Green!

What a wonderful tradition that we continued that started with Claudia. Every St. Patrick's day we have the green dinner. We had green alfredo, green punch, green garlic bread and of course green cake. YUMMY!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Cayden's fifth Lego Birthday Party

Cay Cay's
1st friend party. He had picked out small lego fire truck sets to give to each friend as a party favor and they all spent time "LEGO BUILDING". After LEGO Cookie Cake eating it was time to open the pile of pressents- Guess what.... More Legos!!!

Yes, we wrapped his presents like legos. How cute is that, and yes those are legos inside that box. Like he needs more legos.

Wow this is a cool cake.

There was no question what kind of party little Cay Cay was going to have. He loves his legos. His traditional cake was also easy to make, and he loved it as you can see. Our little Cay Cay is five years old. He has gotten soooooooo big!!!! We love you Cayden.