Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crabby Crabs

Cayden and Brenner loved the huge crabs. Wow, those crabs are almost bigger than little Cayden.

Grams and Pa under the Sea

Cayden's favorite animals

Cayden and Grams hanging out with the Pingu's. If Cayden could be any animal I believe it would be a Pingu.

Mia and Daddy

Little Miss Mia loved the fishies.

The Georgia Aquarium

The first day Grams and Pa were here we went to the Georgia Aquarium. In all the excitment to get out the door to go see all the fish Brenner had climbed into the car without his shoes. No one realized until we were at the parking deck in downtown Atlanta. We all packed up back in the car and were off to find some shoes for Brenner. Luckily, we stumbled across a payless. The rest of the day was stress free and full of fun and BIG Sights. There is lots to see at the biggest Aquarium in the world!

Great Gifts from Grams and Pa!

Grams and Pa never come empty handed. They had lots of fun stuff for the kidos. Cayden got a cool pingu blankie and Brenner got a very cool soccer blankie. And Mia got a very awesome quiet book homemade from Grams. Wow!! Thanks Grams and PA.

Mia's homemade quietbook from Grams

Love at first sight. Mia loved her new quiet book that Grams made especially for her. Her favorite page is hands down the baby page. I am sure she will get lots of use out of this book. Thank you so much Grams!!

Grams, Pa, and Justin's first visit

2008 started out great. Grams, Pa, and Justin came to visit us in the middle of January. We had so much fun with them. The first morning they were here Grams made her pup pancakes. The kids loved them and wanted them every morning they were here. You know how Brenner is with his breakfast time.