Friday, September 11, 2009

September Excitement!

A MOHAWK should deliver some excitement around here!
If there is a down month of the year it must be September. Nothing happens for us in this month, no Birthdays, Holidays (I guess there is Labor Day), and as school is getting into full swing, our schedule becomes very regular, repetitive and somewhat boring I guess. This is a picture of Brenner's latest hair cut (just for the picture mind you!). He wanted to keep the Mohawk to play his first Soccer game of the season tomorrow but we said NO! Brenner is back in Soccer and really excited about his Team after several practices. Both boys are back in Piano after the summer break from tickling the ivory's, Cayden has his first loose tooth and Mia is just getting to big. That is what seems to be happening around here. We are looking forward to next month as October brings some predetermined excitement again!