Thursday, April 28, 2011

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

The past two years (before that the bush was too small) we have continued the tradition of the annual Smith Family Snowball Fight. It is always a lot of fun and you get to do it in warm weather while wearing shorts and flip flops.

Brenner got it good!
The kids and their Easter Bunny teeth- Thanks for the package Grams and Pa!

One of our favorite families in the ward, the Taylor's, are moving to Southern Georgia and this is a picture of all the kids eating ice cream one last time. So sad, they will be missed! =(

Decorating Easter Eggs.

Easter Morning.

The kids were not very excited about church at 9:00. They wiped of the chocolate Easter bunny from their faces and this is what we got- not to bad!

Picking strawberries at the strawberry fields.

Mia and Daddy and a big strawberry!