Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another "what is new" update!

March is almost over and here is what is new-

Caydens friend Birthday party was great fun. Each soldier was given camo head and arm bands for either platoon Brown or Green and their Dog Tags with their army names on them. Cayden's AKA was B-Day, I thought it was clever even if it did go over the heads of all the kids. AKA's like Bazooka and Grenade were more liked by the kids, go figure!

This is a picture of Human Battle Ship, they loved it!
Saint Patrick's Day also came and went and we had some friends over for the traditional Green Dinner. Celebrating the luck of the Irish is always a good time!

Brenner's 2ND pinewood derby was this week and he came in third after two other very fast cars. Daddy thought we might have had it this year... but there is always next year! Third is not bad I guess out of 12+ racers. Everyone loved Brenner's yellow wheels and beyond the 3rd place trophy, he was given the most "Cubtastic Car" award.

Thanks for those cool yellow wheels Grams!
The Winners podium, Good job Bart and Josh... Oh... I Mean J.J. and Brett on your first and second place wins! =)
Brenner and his blue and gold "Cub Racer" and trophy
There was also an elders Quorum derby for the "Big Boys" to show off their stuff.

It was crazy fun and after all the re-racing (Jeff is most likely still in doubt/denial of the outcome), almost disqualifying (Zach and his "Non-starting device" remote control motor and propeller) and extra weight removed (Chad and his car keys and wedding ring in the bed of his very cool derby truck) I was awarded first place. To make Jeff feel better about it all he was given the second place award with "first" written over second. There is always next year Jeff!

Some other happenings around here-

The boys helped me put up a basket ball pole and hoop and they are loving and learning how to shoot hoops.

And Mia and Morgan are "Best Friends" and play together all the time. Dolls, strawberry milk and the trampoline are some of their favorite things.

Easter will be here before we know it and on to Summer!

Happy Easter to all!

We love ya!