Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wow- December is gone!

Where did the month of December go? It has truly zoomed by! Where to start for the last post of 2009....? The boys had their first piano recital a week or so before Christmas and it was Christmas themed. Brenner played "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and Cayden played a rendition of "Jingle Bells". They both spent lots of time practicing and other than some nervous jittery notes, played like little Beethovens! Good Job Boys!

Brenner and the 12 days of Christmas
Push Pause on the player at the bottom, before hitting the play button.

Cayden playing Jingle Bells.

We made a fun Christmas trip up to the Blue Ridge Mountains with the Brantley's and had a blast just eating great food, playing fun games, and trying to keep warm in a little cabin all decorated for the Holidays in the woods.

It was so cold that the Polar Bears were out!

The kidos found a warm spot as long as they were submerged to their necks.

Wow- As the camera always seems to be fixed on the kids, just a picture of US! We need to take more of these!

Thanks, Page, Brandon and Family for such a great time! Let's do it again next year!

At the Stone Mountain Christmas lights. The lights seem to get better every year, and the kids are getting old enough to sit through some of the fun shows. Dinner at Miss Katie's, and all the kids caught their own "Flying Rolls".

Christmas Eve and home made PJ's made by Bing. It is so much fun to see a tradition that you hold dear passed on to your own kids~ THANKS BING! We love you and your Jammies!

Back at the house and the kids Christmas Eve gift swap.

Oh - Santa Delivered, what a Surprise!

Brenner Found the Christmas Pickle hidden in the tree and got to open the first gift of the morning (for the second year in a row now- good eyes!)

Mia and "Swim to Me Puppy" (More like Drowned in front of me Puppy) =)

Cayden and his Legos, He built that whole thing in less than 2 hours! (over 900 pieces)

Brenner and his Indoor Soccer Shoes. Now his "Style" will match is "Skills".

Holding up Mimi and Granddaddy's Money! Funny- Cayden asked this year if Santa really makes the toys or if he just "buys" them? Humm...? Just like his daddy, never satisfied with the "Simple facts of the story"!

After all the parties, lots of great food, cups of hot chocolate, all the here and there, all the wrapping and unwrapping, all the magic and fun in the eyes of young children and all that a "Family Christmas" Holds, it ended with some laps around a slot-car track and some late night Rips on Wii Rock Band with the kids.
What a great December, nice 2009 and just as the Christmas movie title- "What a Wonderful Life! We are truly blessed and thankful!