Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ever since first seeing the Huge Castle front of Medieval Times on the way to the Lego Store at Discover Mills, Cayden has wanted to go inside and have dinner and watch the Knights Battle it out on their horses. We asked him if that is what he would like to do for his birthday this year and the look on his face said it all. It was allot of fun and he even liked the food that you have to eat with your hands, because after all~ there were no utensils in Medieval Times!
Presenting their Royalty the King, Queen, Princess Mia, Prince Brenner and Birthday Boy~ Prince Cayden.
The show was really great and the horses very beautiful. Mia loved whenever the princess came out and the boys loved the action and fighting scenes, with the jousting being their favorite. Mommy and daddy loved that we went on a buy a ticket get a ticket night and that Princess Mia is still under three for a short while more so it all did not break the Royal Treasury!
Cayden cheering on our sections Yellow Knight, who ended up wining the nights battle and saved the king and queen. He also tossed a flower to Mia from his horse and she thought that was wonderful! Cute girls get all the attention! =) As you can see Cayden really got into it!

It would not be Cayden's Birthday without his traditional Cookie Cake, and it was decked out with the image of "Sherbit" his new Webkinz friend. What a party!
Happy Birthday Cayden!