Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Flags More FUN- SIX FLAGS!

Brenner and Cayden decided it was time to use the Six Flags passes they had both earned for meeting the required # of days in the Six Flags Reading Program over the last year. Although we may have picked one of the hottest days of the Atlanta Summer to go, we had a great time. For some reason, Brenner and Cayden left all their amusement park bravery that we thought they had built up over the last year, at the front gate as we entered. Maybe it has something to do with Cayden's "forced ride" by Gent on the Tornado several weeks back or it could also have been the truly towering "Goliath" roller coaster and it's 200 foot drop that greeted them as they entered the park~ who's to know?!?!
Goliath's Drop from down below (notice the tree line, as it does not end there!)
Mia loved all the Characters and I just kept thinking about how they do it in 95+ degree temps and high humidity with out falling over on their animated faces!?!?

Lots of good fun!
P.S.~ For Tara and Darren- This time we did get on Super Man, and we should have waited two years ago as it is the best coaster in the park, Hands down..... or stretched out in the air in front of you as you pretend to fly! =)