Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Trip #3
Lake Oconne, Georgia
 Nikki and her connections- One of her friends from work has a beautiful Lake Home on Lake Oconee and we were invited to go for the weekend.  Although Georgia was not originally in the plans for our "summer vacations", it made for a nice weekend trip close to home.
 Brenner jumping from the Water Trampoline into the Lake- SPLASH!
 Mom and Dad on the Jet Ski.  We don't get pictures of just us often as we are always the photographers, but Cayden took this one and did a great job, we may need to hand over the camera more often!
 Mia and Brenner fishing.  I don't know where that boy gets his love for fishing as I know it did not come from his mother or I.  But none the less, He loves it! 
 The kids loved the kayaks, especially Cayden.  He could be found out in his yellow kayak most of the day.
 Doing his thing!
 Cayden on the tube on the back of the Jet Ski- FUN!
 There was a room full of vintage video games, pin ball machines, air hockey and the like and this is where Brenner could usually be found, he loved it!
The kids just hanging around down by the lake.
What fun we all had and so close to home!
Next week is Panama City Beach in Florida and we all can't wait for this one- Check back!