Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Now I realize that I tread on dangerous water to even suggest to you all my true feelings about Costco because everyone that I talk to is infatuated with every thing that is Costco, but I am going to step out on the plank anyhow.
As our kids are now a bit older and going through milk like crazy, Nikki and I recently bought a card ($55). We were excited as everyone elts has had one for years and we just have not for whatever reason. We got our card, walked through the cavernous store, the produce, the meat, the bakery and on and on. We did look at prices but without giving it much thought, everything was just so huge! We did buy three gallons of milk (in funny square cartons with an inch and a half of air in the top and very large mouths that spill everywhere as you pour). Exiting we all shared a pizza and a couple of drinks from the eatery and all was fine with the world.
About a week later It was time to go and reap the deals of buying in BULK! As I wandered the isles looking for things that we purchase regularly I was a bit perplexed-

Kroger/Walmart Vs. Costco
Milk 3.10 vs 2.99
Saved .10

Chicken Breasts

3 lbs for 6.49 vs 9 lbs for 21.99
Lost 2.50 (WHAT!)


One Loaf 2.00 vs Two loafs 4.00
A Wash (but have the extra
loaf to go bad in the pantry)

Dish Detergent

75 oz. 6.50 150 oz. 13.99
Lost 1.00 (and the bottle just
about broke my wrist to lift)

Laundry Detergent

This was not even close as the Tide
Detergent and even the Kirkland brand

were all over 22.00 a bottle for the same extra
value size of Sun for 14.00 form good
old Walmart.
Would love to wash with Tide but have
never been able to afford to do so!

3.99 to 4.50 a pound from Costco

3.99 to more at Kroger, But often on sale

for 3.50 or less. Never on sale at Costco.

Everyone says how wonderful the cuts are

at Costco. Am I to believe that 80% ground

beef is any different or that the pot roast is of

better quality at Costco vs Kroger. I don't think so.
Cows are Cows and truth be known, they all come

from only several suppliers nationwide!


Now here is a deal!

8.00 for four 1 lb blocks

Kroger 3.00 for one lb block

2.50 on sale

Savings of 4.00 and enough butter

to last 4 months!

Cheese worked out to be cheaper

by .50 a pound and eggs were cheaper

by a few cents as well. I found a Gallon

size can of sliced Black olives for 6.99

(1.99 per can otherwise) that would have

been an exceptional deal. But where do I

put the extra after I open it for a handful

of them for our pizza!?!?! In small

Tupperware in the fridge!

Many other things were not cheaper when the comparison is done oz. for oz. and lb. for lb.

One more- Tires for the Armada

We do need new tires and I priced them the other day at Kaufman Tire. I was shocked that they were over 40.00 a tire more than two years ago. They came to just over 800.oo for four with a wheel alignment and thought that for sure Costco would finally come through for me. Costco tire- 221.00 per tire is 884.oo and the alignment was extra!!! Even with their coupon for 70.00 off four tires, they still came in more! Long story short- At 10 cents here and a quarter there, and being taken to the cleaners on just about everything elts- NO THANKS!!! We drive an extra 8 miles to get to Costco and Pay 55.00 to be a member, We have 90 days to go get our money back and unless I can make 55.00 back on .10 milk purchases (550 Gallons), I think we will go and give our cards back!