Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Very Thankful

We always have so much to be thankful for, but on Thanksgiving it seems to be at the front of our thoughts. We are truly blessed in so many ways, three healthy and happy kids, a comfortable roof over our heads, plenty to eat (too much at times) and lives that are always filled with excitement of one kind or another. We live in a wonderful country and in a beautiful state that provides us so much opportunity and freedom. And the greatest "thanks" is for our membership in the church and the fact that we have the gospel in our lives. What more could one ask for or possibly need? For all these blessings and for so many more not mentioned-
We give our thanks!

To all our family and friends, thank you for all you do for us and for all the love and support that we feel and receive from you-

You are the greatest and we are thankful for you too!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's New?

What's new around the Smith House?
Mia has been playing with her new friend Morgan who moved onto our street several weeks back. This has been wonderful as there have not been any little girls her age around the neighborhood and now she has a friend that is just the right size down the street.
Brenner just finished another great soccer season and his team did very well once again. He is becoming a soccer pro and is loving every minute of it! Mom and Dad are also getting a "KICK" out of it as the older the boys get, the better the games get. They are lots of fun and exciting to watch!
And Cayden has not taken his nose out of the "Christmas Wish Books" since their arrival last week. He already has his "List" made out, but as things are added and subtracted daily, it is a work in progress! If he only knew that he is only registered for a shipment of coal this year! =)
Ho, Ho, Whatever!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Brenner!
On the 2nd (actual b-day) Brenner finally broke mom and dad down and got some Bakugan stuff for his Birthday. We have held off (except for a free one he got in a happy meal) as long as we could, not seeing the point of these expensive rolling battle brawlers. But now that we have them rolling around and are exposed to them a bit more, daddy does think they are pretty cool.... in a late 80's Transformer kinda way.
Brenner's friend party was the following Friday night and he decided to take some friends to Stevie B's for all they could eat pizza and to the slot-car track for some racing fun.

Six little monkeys at a pizza place.
At the Lego Store in Discover Mills.
ZOOOOOMMMM.......... Lots of smiles at the slot-car track. Full throttle on the straightaways but slow down on those turns boys!
Wow- We now have a 9 year old!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

The traditional feast, Hot Chili, Ghost white and Regular with all the fixings, Mimi's corn bread and bubbly drinks (thanks Stephanie for drinking root beer with me and the kids). This year Nikki surprised us all with Chocolate Melting Cake for dessert, Yummy! (The last night of the cruise, the dinning room matradee was handing out the recipe... Anything for an extra tip!) A new tradition perhaps?
The kids in all their Halloween spookiness.
Momma joins in the dress-up fun, sorry kids that daddy is a Halloween dress-up Scrooge! Lots of scary fun!
Funny side note: At most doors, Cayden, who dressed as an army guy was confused as dressing as a hunter. "Got yer deer yet?" they would say- are you kidding me! Maybe if he was wearing bright ORANGE! ONLY IN THE SOUTH my friends, only in the the Beautiful South! =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey all, Thank You to all our family and friends who have made a link on their blogs/sites to our Club FHE site. It helps with search engine rankings and we love ya for it! It is also fun to see our logo on your blogs, so a Big Thanks again! So much support from so many!