Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween seemed to go on and on this year as it fell on Sunday and I think all desired to make up for it on another day. We had the kids school Trunk-r-Treat on Thursday night and Nikki and Mimi went to the school with the kids to decorate the trunk and hand out lots of candy. Then on to the Monroe Ward Halloween party on Friday night with a chili and cornbread cook-off and another Trunk-r-Treat, again, Nikki won best trunk! Saturday, after Brenner's last soccer game (finishing off an undefeated season), we had the Tara Halloween pizza party and Sunday was spent with family, more great chili, bubbly root beer and the end of the Halloween Fun.

As Nikki saw this as her last year for a theme of some kind, the only thing that most could agree on was "Ghost Busters", as you can imagine, Mia was the hold out and not interested in being a ghost! She wanted to be a princess! She did get her wish at the school party, and she did wear her "ghost" costume with pink bows for short periods of time, but never liked it!

The Smith family as Ghosts and Ghost Busters 2010

Spooky Mummy Dogs, orange Cheetos and bubbly root beer.

Granddaddy borrowed the Chase Bank mascot and surprised all the kids as a big blue dog. A hit with the bigger kids, the smaller kids wanted nothing to do with such a large stuffed animal! Mia is not in the picture, as she was sulking in the house because we tried to get her in her ghost costume one more time.

And what would Halloween be with out the last of the dry-ice pushed into a 2-liter bottle with some water and a tight fitting lid? Not a complete one for sure!
The boy's and the remains of the Dry-Ice bomb!