Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mia!

Mia Turns Four!!!

Mia originally wanted a princess party for her 4th birthday, but soon as she realized all the boys that she wanted to invite would not be to crazy about a dress-up party, she changed her mind. So Mickey Mouse Club House it was as this is her favorite show on Playhouse Disney!!! All the Mouseketeeres had ears to wear, and ate hot dogs while listening to.... yep- the Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog song. Daddy gets a kick out of the Mickey Mouse Club House songs and lyrics because if you did not know (Just listen to the voice), they are by the late 80's band They Might Be Giants! Too funny that our funky cool "Birdhouse in your soul" song writers would be making songs that our kids would love.

Mia had a large pile of friend presents and threw several fits (Ok- had several break-downs) before present opening time, the little squirt! I thought that by four, that kind of stuff was behind us, but we have only had boys, so I guess we are in for it, as she is going through a very spicy stage! It was her party and she did cry because she wanted too!

Mommy and Mia and her Minnie Cake. The Minnie dots were Almond Fondant and very tasty!
Our cute little squirt is four.....What happened to the time!
Happy Birthday Mia!!!