Saturday, March 2, 2013

So Much Is a changing!

Back To Utah!
Ever since we became renters and no longer were attached to a plot of ground, we have been thinking about where we needed to be for the years to come and what was truly the best for the whole family.  For the first little bit, we just did not know where we wanted to be- we were truly torn.
.  Over the last year, it became more clear to us that our future lied back west.  So after 7 wonderful years in one of the most beautiful places on earth- We Are Moving Back To Utah!!!
Among many reasons- The business will do so much better, My health, Schools, Family and the fact that Brenner has always said he is a "Utah Boy"- we finally listened and understood.
Nikki has found a great job in Riverton and although it is a bit further from family than we would have chosen, it is about 2,000 miles closer and that is a great thing!
We are so very sad to leave Georgia as we have been so very happy here.  As we look back over all the wonderful times, great opportunities, spectacular friends and truly amazing family we do so with a bit of sadness, but also with truly great memories that we will cherish forever!
Thank You to Georgia for all you have given us!
So it is off to Utah as soon as the school year ends in May and who knows what the future holds- if it is as truly fabulous as the last seven years have been- Bring it on!!!