Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sunday at Epcot- We had the Bought the Disney Meal Plan and had one quick service lunch, a snack and a nice sit down dinner to use each day- it turned out to be a very nice feature that we really enjoyed, we would not have gone to many of the fun and pricey dinners without it! As Breakfast was not included, most mornings we ate donuts, fruit, yogurt and muffins with milk and juice out of a cooler, it made it quick and convenient and the kids liked making in-room breakfast picnics on the floor with hotel towels. With some of us not feeling our best, we got a bit of a late start this day. After a morning dip in the Pop Century Pool, We arrived at Epcot around noon. We rode Spaceship Earth, Sorin and Mission Space. The kids loved Sorin and the three boys went a second time with Daddy. Epcot is a neat park with a focus on educational rides instead of just fun and thrills, but the kids still really enjoyed it. On the ride "living with the Land" the kids were glued to all the interesting things in the greenhouses as the boat passed through, as small as the kids were they still enjoyed these more educational rides. They liked seeing a pumpkin that was made to grow in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head. The Nemo and friends ride they kids loved as well, and in the aquarium at the end of the ride they learned all about Manatees and why they are an endangered species. At Epcot we bought a character autograph book and the kids had fun getting the signatures and their pictures with Many Disney characters like Mickey, Miney, Goofy and Chip and Dale. That night we ate at the Italian House in World Showcase. While we were waiting to get into dinner, we caught a street play; it was a spoof on Romeo and Juliet. I was pulled from the audience to be a cast member (The Jester); the kids thought it was funny! Every time the name Montague was said the audience made a hand gesture followed by a sort of farting noise, this was a favorite noise of all the boys for the rest of the trip, much to the adult’s dismay. This dinner was nice but still a bit on edge as we were all just at the end of the "Bug" and anything could still come up at any time. Brenner and Cayden loved the Round Fried Mozzarella and Noodles. As the Italian Restaurant was very nice and elegant, we were very grateful nothing "came up". Brenner did express that he did not like all the "Fancy Dinners" we were eating, this may have been partly due to the fact he likes junk food and also to daddy's obsession that he be on his best behavior at all times and the need for his napkin to be placed in his lap, he still does not understand the napkin thing. That night we caught the firework and Fire show called Illuminations, it was neat! This day the kids started to complain about all the walking, but for the most part were troopers for the trip! And as for the "Bug", the next day we all felt fine and were glad that it was just a 24-hour thing that did not destroy our vacation.

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