Friday, March 28, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

Disney Memories 2008 Friday the 28th of March-
Editor's note- The writing entries for the Disney portion of this blog came from Gentry's journal of the trip and it gets a bit wordy and long, but it captures it all!!!
The trip is finally here! Finally the time had come for our trip to Walt Disney World, as a Family we had been looking forward and planning this trip for months. It was going to be extra fun because Cortney and his family where going to join us in Florida. Nikki and I worked 1/2 days and we picked up the kids from school and daycare and left for Disney World around 2:00. The kids were very excited! We only stopped once for food and a potty break and arrived in Orlando about 9:00, Cortney and his family had arrived earlier and where at Disney getting in some rides when we arrived. We checked into the Pop Century Resort and went to get something to eat for dinner. Cort, Mandy Austin and Olivia soon met us at the hotel and the kids had a cousin reunion! Each cousin got a Disney package with a Mickey/Minnie Mouse T-shirt, Disney PJ's and some treats. It was great to see Cort's family again. After several hours of catching up, we made plans for the next day and went to bed. Disney Here We Come!!!

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