Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Epcot!!

Tuesday back at Epcot- Most of this day was planned to be spent in the "World Showcase". It is a large lake with countries from around the world all represented by architecture, displays, restaurants and shops in the style of eachcountry. In keeping with the educational theme of Epcot, It is really fun to be able to experience the world's cultures in a day, and it was so big that we did not get to see it all. We had an early dinner reservation at the Japanese Steak House and rode the ferry across the lake to the Japanese Pavilion. The kids were entertained the whole time and the Japanese People are all about special service. The kids loved the warm hand towels at the beginning, the "Kid Friendly Chopsticks" that brought back memories for Cort and I, and the surprise Japanese Toy at the end of the meal. Cayden ordered a meal that came in a monorail train car, and Brenner had his noodles and chicken cooked in front of him with the rest of us. They loved the Smoking Onion Volcano and the rest of the show the Chef put on, he was really great, and funny too, with his Don't Smoke and Sesame Street jokes. After dinner we looked through the shops in Japan and got some rice candy for the kids. The Kids all enjoyed Mickey Mouse suckers as we walked around the "World". In Germany we got a Pickle Ornament for a newfamily tradition, and Mia did her impersonation of a Nutcracker. Germany also had a neat LGB Train and little town display that the kids really loved, and tried to drop coins in the coal cars as they passed through tunnels under the sidewalk. As we passed The United States there was a colonial style band playing that made it fun. It started to rain for the first time of the vacation as we were in Norway so we decided to wait in line for the Viking Boat Ride as it was indoors, and everyone agreed that this was the least enjoyable ride of the trip, very quick and not much to see! China was beautiful with a display of some very old Bonsai Trees by the lake that were fun to see, one was over 75 years old! As it was getting late in the day, Nikki and Mandy took Cayden and Austin to the Imagination gift shop to get a Figment the Dragon stuffed animal that they had both dreamt about from our Sunday visit to Epcot. Cort and I with Mia, Brenner and Livy sat on a bench and had frozen margaritas and waited for the return of the Shoppers outside of Mexico. Everyone loved the Mexico pavilion the best, the boat ride was very kid oriented (like Small World but with Donald Duck) and the atmosphere was fun. We all put on silly hats for a family picture and the kids loved the Glass Making demonstration, especially Cayden as a glass penguin was being made. The last ride that we had not seen in the front of the park was "Test Track" so we decided to get in line as the fireworks were going to start as we had already seen them on Sunday night. It was a great ride that everyone enjoyed, and again Cayden and Brenner rode it twice. Both Brenner and Cayden found a lot of courage this trip, we knew Brenner was ready to ride most of the rides but Little Cay Cay surprised us all with his bravery, although sometimes fleeting once he was on the way up heading for the drop, but overall- very brave. Mount Everest and the Kraken were still to come- would they be brave enough? That night because of the early lunch/late dinner, we stopped by the Hotel Cafe to get a bite to eat before the nightly pirate battle that would ensue in the room before bed. Who knew going around the world in a day could be so much fun!

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