Friday, April 4, 2008

More Seaworld and Downtown Disney!!

The second day at Sea world we enjoyed much more than the first. We left the first day with a bit of disappointment, but Sea world delivered the second time and we really enjoyed it in the end (It is not fair tocompare any other park to Disney, as Disney is truly the best of the best!) One of the first stops was at the Dolphin Encounter, The dolphins where very fun to watch to say the least! It seemed to be mating day in the underwater viewing tank. Brenner- Daddy, what is that hanging on the bottom of those dolphins? Daddy- I think these dolphins have extra fins!?! Brenner- it looks like a piece of pooh! Needless to say all the dolphins that day "got some", the adults were mesmerized, and horrified. Next it was off to the "Search for Atlantis" and the "Kraken", the two big rides in the park. Mia had been practicing her Kraken handclap for over a month! The Search for Atlantis was fun and similar to Splash Mountain. Next the Kraken, and Brenner was ready- until he did not "measure up" and was turned away. Never have you seen such a sad boy, he was very disappointed- but the Adults had fun riding it! It was a great coaster! Brenner resumed looking for lizards and was happy again. The Sea Lion and Otter show was fun, as was the Shark tank and walk through shark tube. After a unique Cirque du Soleli style show and a walk through the Budweiser Clydesdale Stable (amazing horses), we rode some fun rides in the Kid Area. Although Cayden was very brave and rode some rides beyond his age, one of his favorite rides was the Baby Shamu Roller coaster with Mommy in this area. As it rained quite hard in the afternoon and did not look like it would be letting up anytime soon, we decided not to stay for the evening show. We waited out several smaller storms but as we walked towards the front of the park, a really big one hit. We all took shelter in a covered Smoking Area. The rain came down in buckets, and the lightning and thunder, one in particular, was very close and loud! As it let up, everyone seemed to be going home for the day and just before the front gate we had to wade through about 6 inches of standing water to get out of the park, everyone's shoes were wet, much to Brenner's delight! We ate that night at the Olive Garden and had a great last dinner together. After dinner we had a shopping stop at Down Town Disney. Brenner and Cayden spent their last bit of vacation money on... what elt's, "LEGOS". I am sure those will give them fond memories of their trip to Disney World! Mommy and Daddy found a neat Christmas Ornament for the family collection and little "I Shop" Mia got a fun Disney Memories Book to help her remember some of the things she had seen. This was a great ending to a really fun and Magical Family Vacation that built many fun memories for everyone on the trip! It was Awesome!!!

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