Monday, September 8, 2008

Our last night in Utah

After pictures we went to hang with the Beckers. Both Gent and I love and crave the Bajio salad, so we stopped by and got us a Bajio salad and got the kids Mcdonalds. That is the best salad and it was as good as I remember. So good we had it twice, once on the way back from the cabin, and again with the Beckers. Gent had a carry on just for Catan, and we played it many times. Once with Tara, Darren and Pa at the cabin. Two late nights at Cort and Mandy's. I think we got Cort addicted. And we played with the Beckers our last night there. We had a great fun filled week thank you so much for everyone who made it so great. And a special thanks for grams and Pa for giving up your bed and putting up with our mess. We love you guys very much, and can't wait to visit again.


The Kipper Family said...

Wow, your blog is looking so cute! You are getting so good at it!

Team C said...

Holy Cow,Ok it is now October and I am just getting your blog. Hello! Maybe it is because you can never get a hold of me. It looks fabulous. Your kids are getting so big!!! We sure miss y'all