Monday, October 13, 2008

It is time to stain our fence, it is turning a little bit gray, so we decided to just do it. We were shocked at how expensive stain is. We were also told that one maybe two five gallons of stain should do it. We are at the bottom of our second bucket and we are not even half way done. It is just like every project, it always cost a ton more than you think it will. Gent and I joked that we can just leave the back of the fence unstained since we never see it, and that might save a couple hundred. Ha, Ha. The boys were dying to help and when Mia saw the boys painting, she wanted to do her part. I let the boys do a couple of panels while gent wasn't watching, the perfectionist he is. I am surprised he is letting me paint. Cayden got bored and didn't like it when he got stain on his hands so he was done. Brenner on the other hand loved it and wanted to do more.

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