Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birthday party again!

Instead of making two cakes, I just split one down the middle and made half a cake for Brenner and half a cake for Abby. And what a hit it was!

Brenner was lucky and got two parties in one weekend. We had a combo party for Brenner and Abby since their Birthdays are within two weeks of each other. Yes we had pizza again, but this time we made our own, it was fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENNER AND ABBY!!

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Kenzy Phillips said...

We were so excited to see your blog. It's like you guys fell off the edge of the earth for awhile. It's so fun to see your cute little family. ADORABLE! You all look so great. Blogs are so great to keep in touch. I will be checking yours often. Happy Birthday Brenner!