Monday, December 15, 2008

What do you want for Christmas?

Sitting on Santa's lap
Oh to be a child again, to be able to simply ask a jolly old man in a red suit for all that your heart desires, and then to truly believe that he will deliver your requests- I Believe, I Believe!!!
Brenner was first and asked Santa for Wii Games, an R/C Boat and something called Martian Matter. Our little creative builder Cayden asked the old man in red for what else- LEGOS, Lincoln Logs and also a R/C Boat so as not to be out done by the older brother. Little Mia at first was not to crazy about the whole thing, but then she saw the free candy canes!!! She sat right down in that bearded strangers lap and spilled out her list- Doll House, Baby Stroller, a new Baby and what else... More Candy, Just like her Daddy! Then it was Daddy's turn, he sat down and asked Santa for a Red Ridder BB Gun to which Santa looked him in the eyes and replied: "you'll shoot your eye out kid"!
We hope everyone gets their wishes this year for Christmas, whatever they may be! -Merry Christmas to all our Friends and Family-

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Team C said...

That is a dang good Santa. How cute Mia knows exactly what she wants!! I can't believe how long her hair is!