Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mostly Happieness mixed with a bit of Sadness

Mia is finally potty trained! This makes me so very happy that words can't express my joy that I am done with diapers forever!!! Gent and I did a little celebration dance as we took the Smelly Diaper Pail (This time mind you~ not just the sack inside, but the whole thing!) out to the Garbage can for good. Oh the Joy!!!

Good Bye forever Diaper Pail, you will not be missed!

Now for the sad part. The deal was made with Mia that as soon as she was trained she could have a big girl bed. Well she earned it and the promise was kept. Gent and I did not see the flood 0f emotions coming that were involved in taking down the nursery furniture for the last time. Although I hope I never see another diaper pail again, taking down the crib that has held all three of our children was a moment of mixed emotions. Many memories were very close to the surface as the crib and changing table went up in the attic to make room for Mia's new big girl furniture. Although growing kids are wonderful, the idea of no more babies in the house is a strange one, as this has been our life for the last 8+ years. Although the thought of another infant frightens me also, something is a bit melancholy about the crib (and the attached feelings) being gone, as it has been around for so long. Well Life moves on and there have been such ending points in the past and other finish lines will be crossed in the future! Just for posterity we did get one last picture of all our Babies in the crib before it came down! =)

Three little Monkeys jumping in a crib!

~A very Little Potty Trained Big-Girl, on a even Bigger Bed~

As you can see by the smile on her face, Mia is Happy to be a big girl! And it is very nice to be able to lay in bed with her and read nursery rhymes and sing her to sleep. And the fact that I cut up her baby quilt, old crib bumper pads and dust ruffle to make the new full size comforter and pillows makes the whole thing fit, as I am not ready for a Hanna Montana bedspread yet~ if ever!


JAutry's said...

So cute. I hope you feel better soon. I love the pics and details though. It is hard, I really hated taking down Celia's crib, course for some different reasons, but still all this growing up stuff is fun, but hard.

John and Alisa said...

I love the picture of all the kids in the crib. Very cute! Mia looks so happy in her new, fun, fun!

Smith's said...

Livy says "Is that MAMA MIA?"...