Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~The Luck of the Irish~
As is Smith Family tradition, we had a Green Dinner on St. Patrick's Day, although not very Irish~ fettuccine with Green Alfredo sauce. That Morning Daddy just about sent the troops into battle without any green on. As we were getting ready to leave the house, Cayden said: "Daddy, what about our green?" The boys ran upstairs and changed into green shirts and Mia's ribbon in her hair was changed from blue to green. What could have been a pinching disaster was averted thanks to the good memory of our little Leprechaun Cayden (He is very observant and forgets nothing). What about Lucky Charms for Dinner next year?


John and Alisa said...

I don't think tradition states what has to be turned green to be eatten...just that it is indeed green. Green alfredo and noodles sounds yummy to me! I like your Easter background. Love ya, Alisa

John and Alisa said...

Very cute you guys!! I think I am ready to learn how to blogg.. I will call you soon so you can teach me all the cute things you do!
TARA :-)