Friday, April 24, 2009

Stone Mountain in Spring

Brenner has had his year end CRCT testing all this week and he has been very busy the last two weeks
studying for the big exam. With the reading and Language Arts portions he felt pretty confident, and has been studying very hard for the Wednesday Math portion. Each day that Mrs. Mitchell felt that each student did their best, their name went into a pot for a test end prize raffle. Brenner got his name in the pot each day and won a Mp3 Player on Thursday, very exciting for him! So to get his mind (and Mom and Dads too) clear of all the testing stress, we all went to Stone Mountain to hike around the lake, roast hot dogs, get some fresh air and just to be at one with nature! We had lots of mind-clearing fun and ended the evening with some somores! On our way out a fox crossed our path~ that's something ya don't see everyday!

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John and Alisa said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I wish it would stop raining long enough here for us to play outside. We have visited the park and had a few picnics. Way to go Brenner on winning an MP3 player!