Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh Oh- Magnificent! (But sadly not for us)

The U2 concert last night at the Georgia Dome truly would have been as Bono sings- Oh Oh, Magnificent!
When we heard that U2 would stop in Atlanta as part of their 360 tour, Nikki and I planned to go. After many other U2 fans turned us down in going (yeah, you know who you are!), we thought just the two of us would still go, but never got around to buying the tickets. As the date got closer and closer, I still held out that we would go. In trying to figure out why we missed out on such a "Magnificent" experience, the only reasons I can muster are the following- the kids piano lessons and soccer practice were in the way, tickets/dinner/babysitting would have cost a small fortune, it was on a school night, and in the end, we would have had to ride MARTA into Atlanta because of very limited parking..... What....? None of that would have stopped me 12 years ago (the Pop Mart tour was so great)!
I guess that we are just not as young, care free, and spontaneous as we think and feel anymore.... is that a good or bad thing? I am not sure right now as I feel that I missed out on something! It did not make matters any better that when in conversation with a high schooler in our ward yesterday, she had absolutely no idea who U2 even was?!?! Thanks Lauren for making all of us 30 somethings feel very old! And shame on your parents for not teaching you about the fine things in life! =)
Well for those who would have loved to have been there along with us last night, but also did not make it for one reason or another, Click on the link below to see Bono and the Edge "Rock It" in Atlanta. I guess in the end I did "Rock It" with them- it was just in my own home wearing my pajama bottoms (and Pop concert T-shirt) in front of my computer for free on YouTube. I may be getting cheap, old and who knows what else, but I still rocked it in my own little way.... I guess.
Here is that link~ Enjoy


dtbjacobson said...

OOOHHH MAAAANNN!!! Yes, yes. we are one of the losers that wanted to go but didn't make it too. We would have loved to come visit you guys and 'rock it' with Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullin, and .... oh crap Clayton something. Just goes to show how old we really are getting. Anyway. Next time they come we are there for sure (cause it might be their last tour.) Love you guys.

Sarah said...

We HAD tickets in our hands....flew to Dallas....and still missed client had to go in to be induced....had to sell our tickets. Still crying. Still.....still.