Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas in full swing!

It is only the 6th of December and it seems that Christmas has already been around for over 2 weeks! As Thanksgiving was not hosted at our home this year, Nikki got her wish of putting up the decorations and trees the last week of November. I always use Thanksgiving as a logical reason to wait till the first weekend in December, but this year she got her way. It works out though because as the years go on and as we collect more and more Christmas Stuff, we need several weekends for the elves to get it all up! The picture above is a shot of the tradition of sleeping under the tree on the night it goes up (November 24th this year... Yikes!).
This is a preview of the possible Christmas card photo, but if this year is anything like the last, there will be at least one more shoot! The foyer is one of our favorite parts of the house every Christmas as it is always done in clear lights and holds Nikki's "Fancy Adult Tree". The new addition this year is some Mistletoe hung from the light above (can barely see it in the picture if you squint), I will let you all know if it really works the way that tradition holds! =)
Christmas Cookies have been baking.
The kids in front of the outside lights. As many of our outside lights were going on 10 years old, almost none wanted to work this year. I figured that it was time to re-work them and went from multi-colored to red, green and white. It looks Great in the day, and even better at night. Something Clark Griswald would be truly proud of!
Picture of the ever growing Christmas Village (just for Tara).

And last but not least- this years picture with Santa!

Items on their lists:

Brenner- Wii Games, R/C Car, Indoor Soccer Shoes.

Cayden- Nintendo DS and Games, and Legos, Legos and more Legos.

Mia- Baby Dolls, Swim to me Puppy, Dora Backpack, Play Kitchen, Elephants game, Little Baby LuLu Kitty and one of everything that she sees on the TV! She is really getting into the true spirit of Christmas this year!?!?! =)


John and Alisa said...

Cute pics. What a fun tradition to sleep under the tree.

Christine said...

Holy cow you have alraedy seen Santa, Christmas card pictures taken, cookies made, tree and village up whats left?? Its still the first week of December!

dtbjacobson said...

Wowziers!! Your village is not longer a village it's turned into a Christmas city! Very cute... thanks for the picture, I'd post a picture of mine, but as I said 1/2 of them i busted this year, so I'm not too happy about it. Everything looks so festive.. Nice job Christmas Elfs!!

The Kipper Family said...

The house looks so good! I never would have thought to sleep under the tree. Too cute! We had fun getting Santa pictures with you guys.

The Taylor Family said...

Wow! Our tree isn't even up! You put us to shame! We enjoyed those yummy cookies.. the boys ate most of them though:(

Smith's said...

The house looks great Clark... now all you need is a leg lamp for the front window and you will be ready for Christmas~