Monday, January 4, 2010

Jesus wants Mia for a Sunbeam.

This last Sunday our little Mia got a little bit bigger. She is now a Sunbeam! She graduated into the Primary and is excited to be with the big kids. I do not think that she has realized quite yet that the toys, treats and Sister Alvis and Prater will be left behind in the nursery. Oh she just keeps breaking her promise she made to me to stay little forever!
Let's all sing:
Jesus wants Mia for a sunbeam (jump) to shine for him each day. In every way try to please Him at home at school and play.


The Taylor Family said...

so cute!

Amy said...

We have officially been replaced! I can't help but think that could have been us at the cabin with the Smith's.
Dear Brantley's we hope you enjoy and love the Smith's like we do.
Missing you in Utah

Anonymous said...

Grams learning to post! =) Love Grams